Partners adresses

  • SC Training Cons 2005: training_cons2005(at)yahoo(dot)fr
  • Polish Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinow: sekretariat(at)cdr(dot)gov(dot)pl
  • Impulsa Ideas, S.L.: administracion(at)elobradordeideas(dot)com
  • Bolu Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization: bolu(at)csb(dot)gov(dot)tr
  • Asociacion USIT: usit08(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Department of  Biology, University of Florence: direttore(at)dbe(dot)unifi(dot)it
  • District Governorship of Sultanhisar: shisar09(at)sultanhisar(dot)gov(dot)tr
  • Vocational High School of Mechanical Techniques:pgmsliven(at)abv(dot)bg
  • Association "European Values Institute": office(at)evi-bg(dot)org


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