SC Training Cons 2005 SRL   Romania
SC Training Cons 2005 SRL, located in Iasi, Romania (RO) is a privately founded company specialized in lifelong training,consulting and  organizational self development, re-engineering and project management services. Our main objectives are to: Promote the increase of the quality of life within the society by emphasizing  self / organizational development and re-engineering, promote lifelong learning more effectively, stimulate more demand for learning among the adult population, promote the development of concrete products and valid results which will be of use in several participating European countries, encourage the development of innovative materials and resources for adult education, co-operate with European bodies providing adult education and lifelong learning, disseminate good practices, strengthen the European dimension of our institutions, disseminate the EU Educational Projects in Romania,
The consulting services are clustered in areas of :Human Resources Development (HRD), EU Educational Projects Management, Strategic Management, Educational Needs Analysis, Conference Services, Self-development, Family Guidance, Guidance in Empowering the Children and the Youth, Guidance for Disadvantaged People
National Agircultural Advisory Centre in Brwinow    Poland  
The Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów and its Branch Offices in PoznaƄ, Kraków and Radom, started its activity on 1st January 2005, formerly The National Advisory Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development / established by the Act of 22 October, 2004 on agricultural advisory bodies/  has under its control  the whole country and reports directly to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.The major tasks of the Agricultural Advisory Centre include the  improvement of the level of agricultural incomes, enhancement market competitiveness of agricultural holdings, supporting rural sustainable development and improvement of vocational skills of agricultural farmers and other rural inhabitants. Implementation of Centre tasks is designed to: prepare and implement the uniform policies of the agricultural advisory centres, prepare and distribute the training materials to the advisory centres, organize  the training courses for advisory centres staff, introduce the training courses for agricultural school teachers within the scope of  rural sustainable development, establish  and administer the information system and data bases for the agricultural advisory centers, organize training courses, presentations, seminars, conferences and other projects within the scope of agricultural and rural development and organic farming, coordinate  the tasks performed by the advisory centres within the scope of organic farming, disseminate the scientific research results into agricultural practice.
  IMPULSA IDEAS is a Community & Training Centre  which focuses on the cooperation with local, national and European institutions and organizations in order to exchange ideas, provide training, promote and develop methods and design policy in the domain of Life Long Learning, as well as professional and cultural education. We offer different services that include support for immigrants and their families such as job research, professional development, language improvement, but also volunteering services for disadvantaged people. It organizes activities, seminars, events and program training for learners in local and regional communities. The thematic fields  are: Economics, Environmental Education,Adult Education ; ITC and networks; Family Learning. We would like to learn experience from other countries to create a space opened for the needs of learning and communication for learners with new innovative methodologies, our goal being to grow and to build better learning ways, including on the intercultural context.  New methods in the usual field of learning is not something new for us, so on the one hand we would have some experience to share with the others, on the other hand we will be able to develop and adopt new ideas and methods shared by others.
IMPULSA  is collaborating in  Grundtvig " Sharing Environmental Education methods for adults" as silent partner to disseminate activities. We have carried out environmental education workshops and we are working in urban gardens.
  Bolu Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization
  Bolu Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization consists of 7 departments ( 2 environment departments, 4 urbanization departments, 1 administration department) and about 80 staff members (biologist, environmental engineer, chemical engineer, agricultural engineer, geological engineer, mechanical engineer, urban and regional planner, map engineer, architect, civil engineer, electrical and electronic engineer etc.). Our directorate has a wide sphere of duties: protection of environment (solid waste, air pollution, waste water, soil pollution, environmental impact assessment etc.), energy efficiency (e.g. increasing public awareness on energy efficiency in buildings, increasing energy sources and energy efficiency in use), building inspection during construction, protection of natural assets, biodiversity, protected areas , market surveillance , sustainable development, housing and cooperative works ,building assessment, post-earthquake damage inspections, sustainable urbanization, We help the local community in their sustainable development initiatives and support the maintenance of environment, nature, urbanization and cultural heritage in the area. In order to this, our institution works with stakeholders and the public and provides trainings, in-service education opportunities for the personnel in the field and enforces the regulations in the sector.    
  Asociation USIT   Spain  
  Usit Organization is situated in El Altet, a rural area that is part of Elche (the city); there are 2000 inhabitants in this area.Usit is an association dedicated to promoting youth and adult activities in the rural area of El Altet; we also dedicate ourselves to the achievement and participation at European projects.The main aim is a support of initiatives, development of competence in the local community. Among target groups belong adults and elderly people, people from rural and disadvantages areas. We develop different courses for the young and adults to support the employability and personal development.We want the participation in the local community of the young people, adult and active life style of elderly people by learning, sharing experience and new learning opportunities using diverse tools. We have a branch in the organization that is focused on environmental activities by workshops, trainings, running group, campaigns.Environmental activities, dance club, cultural activities, sport club, traditional adult club, international club are our activities. We also organize activities with adult people, handcrafts and media activities, develop innovative techniques and traditional ecological farming.Since last year we have been developing different environmental project and training, we have been running a Grundtvig project related to plants and the environment.    
  Department of  Biology, University of Florence    Italy  
  It has a long tradition of work in the fields of ethology and animal ecology, and in the last decade in the sustainable policies, in Non-, Sub-, and tropical coastal ecosystems. Research experience was developed mainly within the frame of International Projects such as: EUROROCK, a MASTIII project along Mediterranean rocky shores; MEAM, an INCO-DC project on East African mangrove forests. The Department hosts a PhD course in “Animal Behaviour and Ecology”, and usually assigns up to 8 PhD fellowships a year for research projects dealing with all fields of ethology and animal ecology. Actually, the Department is involved in many projects focused on resources management and conservation: CHAOS project (management of port areas in the Mediterranean Sea Basin); WADI  (sustainable management of Mediterranean coastal to enhance and sustain stakeholders benefits); MEDCORE project ( a comparative and integrated approach to the ecology of Mediterranean coastal zones for sustainable management); MECO  ( Sustainable Management of Mediterranean  Ecosystems); CREC (study of mangrove responses to environmental changes); BiBAT  (study to protect biodiversity).    
  District Governorship of Sultanhisar   Turkey  
  The District Governorship is an official institution which is responsible for the administration of Sultanhisar and the most authoritative institution in the District that has over 500 personnels in 21 fields.The population of Sultanhisar is around 6000 in town centre, 15000 in the villages. There are 1932 farmers in 2012 according to the data from Directorship of Agriculture in Sultanhisar. Farming strawberry is the most popular product which is covered 5338 hectare area, but agricultural spraying is done unconsciously by farmers in 2663 hectare area of it. In order to reduce the adverse effects of the sprays, fertilizers on land and air, our aim is to inform farmers about the modalities of an efficient use of sprays and fertilizers.Consuming fertilizers and sprays less keeps the soil productivity, supports economic efficiency for farmers and this way resources can be used efficiently and more ecologically. Our aim is to increase the awareness of environmental protection and contribute to the reduction of the consumption of resources depending on the development of sensitivity to the protection of the environment by training the volunteer farmers at first, after that the target group in local, national and international dimension. Within this plan to train farmers, suitable groups, more personnel is needed to inform them in the agricultural field from the Agriculture Chamber.  
  Vocational High School of Mechanical Techniques   Bulgaria  
  The Vocational High School of Mechanical Techniques was opened on 15th September 1959. 52 years ago the school started with confidence its way of professional education.520 students are educated in five professional fields. It is the only vocational school in Sliven district, which made entry and professional education in 5 professional directions – Transport, Energy industry, Carpentry and Machinery construction. In our school students are from villages around Sliven region, which is a socially and geographically disadvantaged region, especially mountain villages. Pedagogical team, manifesting tolerance, has excellent experience in working with students from different ethnicities. The school is also a VET center for training of candidates for acquiring a driving license. The school has also evening courses ,where adult people who work, come to be educated to get their vocational secondary school diploma. The Vocational High School of Mechanical Techniques - Sliven has an experience in working on EU projects .We support and participate in different environmental projects on national and international level and we are members of an international group of schools from Europe and Africa working on global environmental problems. Our team is highly motivated to work in European projects to gain more knowledge about other cultures and customs, foreign languages and ICT .We want to teach our students and teachers also to work in a multicultural team, to be tolerant and to improve the image of our school and their own self confidence.Our students take care of the green spots in the school yard and we collect the garbage separately .They learn to use resources carefully and efficiently and and they are interested to know "green" technologies and methods to protect the environment .    
  Association "European Values Institute"   Bulgaria  
  The non-profit making association “EUROPEAN VALUES INSTITUTE” is a legal entity, registered according to the orders of the Law for the Non-profit Making Legal Entities in March 2005 as a non-profit making association in public benefit Mission of the Association: facilitates the transformation of the socioeconomics relations in the countries of EU into a society of knowledge. Applicant’s current main purposes: Increasing the knowledge of the Bulgarian society about the EU; Formation of values related to the pan European cultural space, internet culture and the information society; Incorporation of the Bulgarian citizens into the European Idea;Encouragement of the active and effective participations into the public life, formation of social support, development of the voluntary activities among the young people.The Main Team of EVI is composed of 24 practicing experts and habilitated lecturers (professors, associate professors, senior scientific advisers) from the Sofia University, New Bulgarian University, UNWE and the institutes of BAS.  The association achieved 14 projects and more than 50 consultations for business, municipal, state and non-governmental organizations.EVI has a Vocational Training Centre, licensed under the Bulgarian Law for 20 professions, in the field of /Business, Economics, Tourism, ICT, vocational training.The efficient use of resources and the environmental protection are very important values for the EU as a whole and for EVI too. The current project idea fits into the mission and the directions of work of the association. 


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