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According to project schedule the dissemination plan was prepered and presented by Spanish partners - Impulsa Ideas. Dissemination plan will be very helpfull to fullfill project's dissemination requirements.






1- Constant / Periodical dissemination



a)-Articles in local and national  yahoogroups


Responsible: all partners institutions in their countries

Deadline: periodically after every international meeting


b)-Brochures, poster, news,  flyers in national language of partners in the partners´ websites or social networking websites (facebook, twitter, linkedin…)


Responsible: all partners institutions in their countries



2-Punctual actions



a)- Broadcast on TV and radio (Spain)


Responsible:   Impulsa Ideas, Spain

Deadline: end of 2013


b)-Articles in local and national newspapers


Responsible: all partners institutions in their countries

One or two articles a year.







1- Constant / Periodical dissemination



a) Articles  by international yahoogroups  (euproject, worldteachers, grundtvig partners, so on )


Responsible:   Romanian partner

Deadline: periodically, after   every   international   meeting


b) -Site of the project

(adding links on our institution websites)


Responsible:   Polish  partner

Deadline :  November   2013


c) Facebook English profile


Responsible: Impulsa Ideas SL

Deadline: end of November 2013



2- Punctual actions



a) Articles in international newspapers


Responsible:   Italian partner

Deadline:   march 2014


b) Brochure in English


Responsible:   Romanian partner

Deadline:  October  2013


c) Poster of the project


Responsible:   USIT Asociation, Spain

Deadline:  October  2013




Date November 2013. Plan revision: Elche meeting, April 2014.


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