Pilot training course for vet school students in transport area

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In the Vocational High School of Mechanical Techniques – Sliven, Bulgaria started  pilot training course on “ Efficient  and ecological use of resources for vet school  students in transport area” as a part of  INOVES  project.

In November we started with the first two themes :

A resource-efficient Europe – Flagship in iniative under the Europe 2020 Strategy.

This theme was presented to our students

by Mrs. Cvetelina Blagova. She is main teacher in our school and she won a price for the best teacher in Sliven district for 2013. She informed the target group about the initiative provided by the European Commission to promote the efficient use of resources in EUROPE 2020.

In November senior teacher Mr.Ivan Kacarov presented the second theme about the conventional  fuels. He emphasized on the effective use of resources and their importance to the environment. He also talked about the European perspective of efficient use of resources.

In December we had another three meetings according to the schedule presented by Mrs.Blagova associated with the White paper 2011 Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area - Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system.

After the Christmas holidays we started with the first of the two themes about the renewable energy resources presented by senior teacher Mr. Plamen Vodenicharov. He talked about the realization of  the world strategy – the increase of the relative part of the production of energy based on the renewable energy sources. He emphasized that renewable energy resources are endless nature resource in the energy production and don’t give out damaging emissions  which can help for the increase of the purity of nature.

 He tried to find practical methods and strategies related to the efficient and environmental use of resources  and combined the effective use of resources to the benefit of the environment and a healthy lifestyle.

The methods they used in their work are practical training, team teaching, case study and discussions.

 The second meeting will be soon.


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