The fourth meeting within INOVES project-a successfully experience

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The fourth meeting of the European Leonardo da Vinci project "INOVES" took place in Sultanhisar, Turkey between 17-20 October 2014. Team project coordinator, SC TRAINING CONS 2005 srl in Iasi, Romania participated in the meeting, along with the project teams of the partner countries, namely: District Governorship of Sultanhisar, Turkey, Department of  Biology, University of Florence, Italy, MPULSA IDEAS, S.L, Spain, Bolu Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, Turkey, Vocational High School of Mechanical Techniques, Bulgaria, Association "European Values Institute", Bulgaria, USIT Organisation, Spain.

On the first day of the meeting the participants were conducted under the auspices of SC TRAINING CONS 2005 srl to develop the workshop on the topic of: “Best practices of  efficient use  the resources applying and integration of skills needs of the labour market into VET” where they were numerous interventions of the project partners, among which stood out the partners in Bolu (Turkey) and Sliven (Bulgaria). Then they continued with the presentation of the activities carried out by the institutions participating in the project, as well as the theme of the activities evaluation and dissemination carried out by partner institutions.

Then, the host-partner organized a technical visit to the Red-Gökkale farm, where the participants in the project were able to see the complex process by which are organically grown tomatoes. Participants also received information from the specialist firm regarding the technical process, strict conditions that must be met in order to have an organic culture of tomatoes, the powers that professionals should have to work in this sector, as well as about the technological process of processing tomatoes. They have presented installations used for maintaining the temperature in the greenhouses in cold season and crop care equipment and application of fertilizers, the way in which the processing tomatoes for sale, but also the demands they are supposed to fulfil a company for this type of activity. Towards the end of the work day was time for a short visit to Pamukale, where participants were able to admire the giant white limestone mountain with iridescent green, pink and blue, a true marvel of nature.

In the next working day in the project partners presented their innovative strategies and best practices on the use of resources and protecting the environment. Then the project coordinator presented the situation to accomplish the tasks set out in the project by the partners, as well as the tasks to be accomplished during the period immediately following.

In the latter part of the day a visit guided was organised by the host institution in the town of Marmaris, town on the Mediterranean Sea coast, where the participants have dining. Along the way, guests were able to admire and observe various relief forms and species of trees and plants typical of the Mediterranean area, fruitful fields cultivated with cotton, tangerine and pomegranate, and they have had the opportunity to learn new things about the culture of the host country, as well as about rules, attitudes and ecological behaviours of its inhabitants. Evaluation of this meeting was made also and awarded diplomas of participation.

Project Coordinator conducted evaluation of questionnaires applied through the participants of the meeting then the granting of diplomas took place.

After tasting the typical dishes of the area, the partners have got good left over until the next meeting which will take place in Bulgaria.

Author: PhD, Prof. Elena Anghel, SC TRAINING CONS 2005 srl, Iasi, Romania   


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